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What we do


We can supply a large range of pumps from small to large house pumps with various control systems to suit your requirements, submersible pumps for dewatering or pumping effluent, garden irrigation pumps as well as any other pump application. Our pumps are of excellent quality backed by warranties. Brand include Davies Pumps, Areta, Onga.Unlike some we don’t believe in one size fits all so we size each pump to suit the application.

Water Filters

We can supply water filters or filtration systems for almost every application. Once again all filter are top quality. We sell filters for sediment filtration, taste and odour, iron removal, e-coli removal, water softeners, pH correcting, and more. We can assist with water testing to get the system that works best for you.

Water Tanks

We can source locally made concrete water tanks or we can supply you with top quality plastic water tanks. We are the preferred Wairarapa agents for Devan tanks. We believe that Devan’s make the best quality tanks in NZ. They come in a range of sizes from 600L to 30,000L in a range of colours. The Devan tanks are backed by a full 20 year warranty.

Septic Systems

We are the Wairarapa agents for Devans Integra Wastewater Treatment Systems. These have been developed with years of research and development to be the most robust and reliable system in the market. Efficient to run with low annual operating costs and power consumption there is an Integra model to suit any application. We also supply concrete septic tanks and pump chambers for some of the more basic systems.

Plumbing Pipe and Fitting

All the piping and fittings we supply when installing plumbing and drainlaying systems are of good quality covered by their relevant standards. In some cases we won’t install pipe or fittings or tapware or fixtures that are supplied by the customer if we are not happy with the quality of the product.